Test Drive Series 2020 Compilation

Cover Test Drive Series „2020 The Golden Age“

Two of my tracks are featured on Test Drive Series 2020 „A Golden Age“ Compilation! DJ- and producer-duo HMND.SnB.Ens. (Instagram) chose my songs „Crawling Backwards“ and „Entropy One“ for their retrospective view on this very special year.

The album features tracks of Phil Decker, Curtis Newton (Instagram), The Poti Orchestra (Instagram), To66l and the HMND.SnB.Ensemble. To be featured together with these long-time-favorites makes me very proud! 😉

Give it a spin, this is awesome music made for awesome people! 😉

Ans Licht

Today is a very special day, as not only my album Meanders has been released, I am also very proud to announce my collaboration with Kay Emmess!

I did an Edit of his brilliant song „Ans Licht“ („To the light“) that drove the catchy melodic lines to an eternal trance hype phase.

Check out Kay Emmess awesome work on his Bandcamp account.

Hopefully, you enjoy this track! It will be released on all major digital platforms on November, 20th. If you like to, you can give it a pre-listen on my Bandcamp site.

New release: Body Control

It felt so necessary to create some heartwarming and body-moving music and have an emotional escape.

Well, here it is, my version of an uptempo-hysteria-house track.

The lyrics sample is a stumbled up version of me stating „They got my body under control, but not my mind and not my soul“.

The song was recorded in a live-session in one take. You can find the making-of-video in an earlier blog post.

I hope, you enjoy the track and have a good dance party with it. 😉

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Body Control – Techno House Live Jam

Currently I am working on a track called „Body Control“. Initially, I planned to create some dark techno style, minimal music with fierce acidy arpeggios. Well, the outcome was quite different, again, the patterns morphed to become a techno house track with some trancy elements. Ok, accepted, that’s nice, too.

In this jam, I played the different patterns and transitions live on my Electribe 2s as well as on the Korg Volca Bass.

Hope, you like the track.

Two track „We Stumble EP“ has been released

Digging deeper, this time. The multiple times restructured, mutated and re-compiled voice sample builds a strong and intimate basis for the post-acid, psychedelic musical outburst.

The lyrics evolve by reusing single words and rearranging them to give the original statement new and different meaning:

They were told that it wouldn’t hurt, I proved them wrong.
I told them, they wouldn’t hurt.
They told them, I wouldn’t hurt.
They told them, I wouldn’t hurt. They were wrong.
I told them, they were wrong.
They told them wrong.
I proved them, they were wrong.
I proved them wrong.

I hurt.
I hurt them.
I hurt them.
I hurt them.

They were wrong.

You can find this two track EP with the post-acid, progressive-house Original Mix and the vocals focussed Wrong Edit on all major streaming and music download platforms and on my Bandcamp site. Here are some links, I will update them as the release is published on different services.






  1. We Stumble  – https://youtu.be/HDgK2KRjMxQ
  2. We Stumble (Wrong Edit) – https://youtu.be/jvbefc0MWUo





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