Server is to busy / Groundspeak’s attempt to stop people from staying online whilst nice weather

Now I finally got the REAL intention behind the new challenges – have people go outside!

Today the new functionality proves to be a great load-test-tool for the website. Quite a few couch-potatoes seem to be enough to disrupt all the services of the site. My respect for this! In my world, architecture scalability and failover mechanisms are a vital necessity to ensure application and service availability.

Okay, so let’s use the sunny evening for something better than solving couch-challenges. Meet some friends. Aye.

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  1. „Challenges“ are a pretty easy way for Groundspeak to earn some cash – let’s really hope they’ll learn. Bryan Roth’s answer to all those complaints and protests isn’t exactly pointing that way though. What a pity! I am not even able to log my find from today and the map doesn’t show anything.

    Greetings from Einhausen and thx for your article!

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